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Twentieth Century

Tinny announcements are wafting over a loud speaker somewhere in the distance. The din of trains and people combine to create a feeling that one only associates with the excitement of travel. However, this potpourri of sound is not taking place downtown in Washington's Union Station. Instead, it is what DC audiences are treated to when they enter Signature Theatre to attend a performance of Twentieth Century.

The Ben Hecht and Charles MacArthur comedy currently running at the Arlington theater was adapted by DC native Ken Ludwig. Ludwig, of Crazy For You and Moon Over Buffalo fame, has cut the original thirty character play down to thirteen. The result is a well-paced and witty piece that is hugely entertaining.

Much of the credit goes to the fine direction and cast. Directing duties have once again been taken up by Signature's Artistic Director, Eric Schaeffer. This piece could easily go astray but it is kept on track due to Schaeffer's tight direction. Although set in the 1930s, the piece does not feel dated, though there are a few references that may be lost to some.

James Barbour and Holly Twyford
The cast is headed by Broadway vet, James Barbour. Known to New York audiences for his roles in Urinetown and Jane Eyre, Barbour is wonderfully cast as the pompous Oscar Jaffe. To say that Barbour is perfect for this role would be an understatement. As Mr. Rochester in Jane Eyre, Barbour displayed a dramatic intensity that he has brought to this character. However, he has kicked it up a notch and lightened his mood. So, instead of a dark brooding romantic hero, the actor delivers an over-the-top character who manages to be funny and endearing.

Rochester's romantic foil, Lily Garland, is portrayed by celebrated local actress Holly Twyford. The Helen Hayes Award winner tackles this role with gusto. She is delightfully melodramatic at times. Those are truly her best moments. However, she comes down to earth often enough so the audience is able to get a true sense of who this character is.

The two are joined by an excellent ensemble that includes Thomas Adrian Simpson, Rachel Gardner, Rick Hammerly, Harry A. Winter, Donna Migliaccio, Frederick Strother, Christopher Bloch and Will Gartshore.

As Myrtle Clark, Donna Migliaccio is a definite scene stealer. Just as skilled are Christopher Bloch and Harry A. Winter as Oscar's sidekicks. The three actors provide some of the most delightful moments in the show. Fellow cast member Rick Hammerly shows off his range by playing a host of comic characters to great effect. Thomas Adrian Simpson and Rachel Gardner are terrific as a pair of clandestine lovers and Will Gartshore is very humorous as Lily's dim-witted boyfriend.

The visual elements of the play are also first rate. The set by James Kronzer is constructed to look like the old Twentieth Century locomotive. The interior is designed in a sleek art deco style and the whole set moves to simulate the rolling of the train. Lighting by Jonathan Blandin and sound by Tony Angelini complement the design. Also, one must not forget Anne Kennedy's costumes, which capture the look of the era.

Those who enjoy the screwball comedies of old will find much to love in this show. Those craving just a bit of light comedy will enjoy it as well. Simply put, the Signature's production of Twentieth Century is a good time. Passengers wishing to travel on the Twentieth Century can climb aboard through October 5th.

The Signature Theatre
Twentieth Century
August 19th —October 5th
By Ben Hecht and Charles MacArthur
Adapted by Ken Ludwig
Directed by Eric Schaeffer
3806 S. Four Mile Run Drive
Arlington, VA 22206
Ticket Information: 703-218-6500 or 1-800-955-5566 or

Cast List (in order of appearance)

Dr. Lockwood: Thomas Adrian Simpson
Anita Highland: Rachel Gardner
Porter: Rick Hammerly
Oliver Webb: Harry A. Winter
Myrtle Clark: Donna Migliaccio
Conductor: Frederick Strother
Owen O'Malley: Christopher Bloch
Beard: Rick Hammerly
Oscar Jaffe: James Barbour
Lily Garland: Holly Twyford
George Smith: Will Gartshore
Detective: Rick Hammerly
Max Jacobs: Rick Hammerly

Photo: Carol Pratt

-- Tracy Lyon

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