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Farleys on the March

Farley Brothers
Ted and Brian Farley
Photo: Ben Strothmann
Two good-looking brothers, who happen to both be gay, tried out a cabaret act on December 2nd and 3rd of last year. The Farley Brothers went over so well that they added some dates. And then those dates were extended, and then extended again. Frankly, we've lost track of the number of extensions they've received, but the main point is that they're still running now, with dates at Upstairs at Rose's Turn tonight, February 18 at 8 PM and Friday, February 25th at 8 PM.

Ted and Brian Farley don't harmonize as well as The Everly Brothers, nor do they sing as rapturously as The Righteous Brothers. They aren't as funny as The Smothers Brothers, and goodness knows they're only half as good as The Brothers Four. Having put things in their proper context, however, let us add that The Farley Brothers are talented, funny, and charming. But this is their debut act; they're still a little green. Yet their doe-eyed innocence on stage is part of their appeal. By design, it falls to their savvy musical director, John McMahon, to take charge of them on stage and he is the perfect cynical foil to work against their John Denver-like sweetness.

The two brothers are candid about being gay, telling anecdotes and singing songs that take advantage of their uniquely shared closet. The act, under the tutelage of director Collette Black, is tight. The fellows both have good voices, with younger brother Ted sparking with an extra dollop of charisma. It's not for nothin' that their act has extended. It's going to be exciting to watch them develop.

Piano Bar Mecca

Jerry Scott
Jerry Scott's CD "Jerry Scott ... With a Little Help From My Friends" is available at
The dean of New York City piano bar entertainers, Jerry Scott has been a long-time fixture at Danny's Grand Sea Palace on West 46th Street where he plays the piano and sings show tunes like nobody's business every Thursday, Friday and Saturday night. With a warm and engaging personality, he is a wizard at making just about anybody who takes the open microphone feel like a million-dollar baby. He also makes them sound pretty good, too, by sometimes singing gently in the background in their support.

Scott's musical taste runs toward The Great American Songbook, so he holds down the fort as most other piano bars in town have abandoned show tunes, et al, for pop music. That explains, in part, why Scott has such a loyal, if somewhat older, following. His regulars can be found at Danny's whenever he's at the piano. But newcomers are treated with open-hearted generosity as well, in an atmosphere of bonhomie. Danny's offers a cozy and intimate piano bar and Jerry Scott literally makes it sing.

Show ... and Tell

What follows is a list of cabaret shows that we are recommending, either on the basis of having seen these particular shows in the past or having seen the performers often enough to know that they aren't likely to let you down. This will be a regular feature of our column from now on ...

Jay Rogers at Don't Tell Mama on Saturday, February 19 at 6 PM and Monday, February 21 at 9 PM. One of cabaret and musical theater's (When Pigs Fly) most beloved performers in a show featuring some of his best material.

Stacey Lee Tilton at Danny's Skylight Room, Saturday, February 19 at 9:30 PM and Monday, February 21 at 7 PM. She's a bright, versatile, and vibrant young performer.

Scott Ailing at Danny's Grand Sea Palace piano bar, every Sunday night from 8 PM to midnight. He has one of the most thrilling voices in New York. Don't miss him!

Kate Pazakis in The Sexless Years at The Duplex on Monday, February 21 at 9:30 PM. An impressive debut show by a powerhouse performer.

John Tartaglia at Joe's Pub on Monday, February 21 at 9:30 PM. Talented star of Avenue Q gets to show off his chops, sans puppet.

Ray Jessel at Don't Tell Mama on Wednesday, February 23rd at 8 PM. Jessel is a comic singer/songwriter with flair. His eccentric songs are genuinely entertaining.

Barbara Brussell performs her acclaimed Alan Jay Lerner show at Danny's Skylight Room, Wednesday, February 23 at 9 PM. She's an accomplished performer with a unique personal style.

The Johnny Mercer Birthday Show starring Ricky Ritzel & Leslie Anderson at Upstairs at Rose's Turn, Thursday, February 24 at 9:00 PM. These two know Mercer's work intimately and do a sensational job putting it across. They've got the Mercer CD to prove it, too.

Nancy Witter at Don't Tell Mama on Friday, February 25 at 7:00 PM. A wildly funny comedian who gets her laughs without being mean or nasty. Great material that's masterfully put together and delivered.

Darius DeHaas at The Duplex on Monday, February 28 at 7 PM. One of musical theater's great voices appearing in the Downtown Broadway series.

Judy Blazer Sings Steve Marzullo at The Duplex on Monday, February 28 at 9:30 PM . Another great musical theater performer in the Downtown Broadway series.

-- Barbara and Scott Siegel

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