ANNOUNCEMENT: All That Chat and internet search engines
Posted by: T.B._Admin. (TBAdmin@talkinbroadway.com) 09:32 am EDT 07/25/16

For a long time, we have blocked access to All That Chat by crawlers, including search engines, while the rest of the site has been open and available to be indexed by search engines and other sites.

Our original reasons for doing so, which included search engine response time, are not so relevant today, and we have been running a trial removal of that block. One result is that links to ATC posts are included in search results on sites such as Google, Bing, etc. That can be seen now, during this test time.

An additional benefit to this change is that All That Chat searching here can be combined with the search we provide for the rest of the site. The separate All That Chat search linked in the header above would no longer be needed, and search results will include a tab to isolate All That Chat results, as it currently does for other sections.

This change is not permanent - we welcome comments and questions, preferably by email to TBAdmin@talkinbroadway.com, on the issue before going forward.


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