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Posted by: tommyomalley (theaterfag@gmail.com) 12:20 pm EST 12/03/18

Hello again. Wanted to share a few of the recent episodes of my new podcast, Theater Fag.

So far, I’ve posted episodes about:

1. PLOT POINTS IN OUR SEXUAL DEVELOPMENT at LCT3, convo included actors Marianne Rendon & Jax’s jackson, as well as playwright Miranda Rose hall.

2. A conversation with Michael Riedel, including some stories you know (the punch heard round the world, of course) and some you may not. Really great anecdote about Joe Papp in there. Lots of talk about the merits of Angels in America, as well.

3. The creators of The Black Box Project, a new works incubator for black theater artists. They’re a really fabulous group. All their events are $15 for white people, $10 for non-black people of color, and pay what you want for black people. If their events sell out, they ask white people to stand and give their seats to black people.

4. A discussion about THE PROM with gaaaay comic Mehran Khagani (Last Comic Standing, regular host at the Comedt Cellar). We were at the performance right after opening where Beth Leavel was out & understudy Kate Marilley went on with no rehearsal. It was one of those fabulous theater moments. Mehran cried throughout the show & more than once during our convo.

5. A discussion about theatrical obsessions with director Nic Cory & two of my other theater buds. We go pretty deep about the musical Rent, my first theatrical obsession, and other things like Come from Away, the Bernadette Gypsy, Tom Stoppard’s oeuvre, and more. It’s not all fawning, I promise.

Upcoming episodes: a discussion with ensemble members of the Yiddish Fiddler, a conversation with Niegel Smith of the Flea, and more. I hope you’ll listen, and feel free to let me know what you love & what pisses you off!!


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