re: Listening while feminist: a defense of 'Baby, It's Cold Outside.'
Posted by: JereNYC (JereNYC@aol.com) 02:59 pm EST 12/03/18
In reply to: re: Listening while feminist: a defense of 'Baby, It's Cold Outside.' - WWriter 02:45 pm EST 12/03/18

Well, no...it was never about that...but, listening to the song in the 21st Century, especially in light of the #metoo movement, still makes the brain go to that place. I mean, how could it not?

It's all very well and good to say "but in the appropriate context, blah blah blah...", but how many radio stations and albums and whatnot give the listener the appropriate context? What you actually hear when you listen to the song is one person trying to coerce another into doing something he or she does not want to do. And, in the course of that, the person being coerced asks "What's in this drink?" Considering that this is the exact story of, for example, Bill Cosby and many different women over the course of decades, what is the modern ear expected to hear?

I get it. It's a great song. It's witty and funny and great...but I also get it when I hear people say that it's time to put it away, at least for awhile.

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