Patti LuPone’s calming effect...
Posted by: Gregv212 05:36 pm EST 12/03/18

I’ve always liked Patti LuPone but I don’t think I’d ever describe her performancess as soothing or calming.

Today I was in the car with my dog and he was insane due to a trip to the groomer. He was barking and running around the car nonstop.

I had a Broadway station on the iHeartRadio app playing. On comes Patti’s version of “There’s No Business Like Show Business” from her “Heatwave” album.

He calmed down immediately as though he was listening to the song. Cracked me up. The song ended and on came “Bring Him Home” by Colm Wilkinson. The dog started up again. I tapped to go back to Patti and he calmed again. Every time it ended and another song came on he went nuts. I listened to the song 7 times before I got him home.

Thanks Patti!

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