re: LA TRAVIATA at the Met - tonight
Posted by: Michael_Portantiere 10:02 am EST 12/05/18
In reply to: LA TRAVIATA at the Met - tonight - singleticket 12:48 am EST 12/05/18

"Michael Mayer's direction is rather aimless. His one big choice is to focus the staging of the entire evening around Violetta's bed which is anchored to the center of the stage and gets in everyone's way. Mayer also introduces Germont's sister who is used as a prop for Germont, Sr. aria and then hangs around with nothing to do."

Arrgh! For whatever reason(s), many of the noted theater directors (Michael Mayer, Bart Sher, et al.) who have taken on Met productions in recent years have failed. Jack O'Brien's TRITTICO is a notable exception to that generalization.

At least, from your description, Mayer's TRAVIATA doesn't sound as nutso as his Las Vegas RIGOLETTO, which was ridiculous.

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