re: Terrence McNally: Every Act of Life
Posted by: comedywest 09:15 pm EST 12/05/18
In reply to: Terrence McNally: Every Act of Life - Ann 07:01 pm EST 12/05/18

I liked it too. I tried to catch it at the Tribeca Film festival, but was lucky to see it a month or so ago. around the time of Full Monty I talked to him, and when we touched on Things That Go Bump in the Night, he was willing to talk, but still upset about it. And in Every Act, it still seems a touchy subject, which is only strange because he has had so much success.

I also liked the part about Lips together Teeth Apart, where Christine Baranksi lets him know (very nicely) that the first draft is terrible.

There were lots of other good anecdotes.

I am definitely recommending it to my theater friends.

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