Ferryman baby on stage
Posted by: davidack 11:51 pm EST 12/05/18

hi I just saw Ferryman and it was brilliant and moving. I’m not giving anything away in the story to say that there’s A real live baby in the show. is this the first time a real baby plays a real baby in a play? I mean it’s not being played by a older child who just looks like a baby. Or maybe it is? I couldnt tell... So many questions? What happens if he’s not well or grumpy do they skip the part? I was joking with someone in my row they have 6 babies backstage and grab whoever is feeling good. Seeing a baby on stage raised so many questions. -Perhaps in 10 years robots will be so good that a baby robot will substitute for the job. In all serious this must pose many issues and has this happened before on broadway?

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