Sing Out Louise!
Posted by: winters 11:37 am EST 12/06/18
In reply to: Ferryman baby on stage - davidack 11:51 pm EST 12/05/18

The proverbial stage mother explains her decision allowing/encouraging her child to go on stage by exclaiming.... "My child is a star and demands that he/she be allowed to perform' Thus she can avoid accepting responsibility for pushing her child into an, often, unconventional and challenging existence. How many books have been issued by former child actors exclaiming the horrors of being a child actor and that of being pressured by a demanding parent.

My question, and concern, is.....how does the stage mother justify putting a six month old on stage? I am not a parent but I've heard about the challenges of raising a baby in a "normal" household. Compound this with the rigors of a stage life and I wonder..... Mom's (Dad's) ego is stoked but how does this impact the baby?

BTW: It took a bit before I realized that the baby was, indeed, a baby.

Just asking you parents out there.

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