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His first scene had Antony in an open hawaian shirt with beads and very asian-looking slacks. You could see Antony had developed a belly and wasn’t at all Roman. It was a very successful costume for the story it told. The soldiers, including Antony, were most often in battle-fatigues, except on the formal occasions when Lepidus, Antony, and Octavius appeared in their formal jackets-with-medals. You could also see, in the first scene, Fiennes’ abdomen going in and out to breathe all that air and support it for all that volume. Very impressive.

They doubled the Clown and the Soothsayer and cut a lot of the Clown with the Asp. (Why, I wonder. It’s a wonderful scene.). There was an actual, live, long, orange-patterned snake, and Cleopatra and the excellent Charmian handled it well. The snake looked four or five feet long

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