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The LaMothe Gee Family will perform their upbeat, life-affirming, family-friendly musical, HAPPY IF HAPPY WHEN, at the Gene Frankel Theatre, December 27 – 30!


The farm they bought had a mind of its own.

Book, Lyrics, Music by Kimerer LaMothe

Music, Arrangements by Geoffrey Gee

Thur 12/27 @ 7PM; Fri 12/28 @ 7PM; Sat 12/29 @ 2PM & 7PM; Sun 12/30 @ 2PM

The Gene Frankel Theatre, 24 Bond Street, New York City, NY 10012, 212-777-1767 www.genefrankeltheatre.com

Tickets: $30 adult/ $25 student/ $10 age 13 and under. Available at Smarttix.com

Happy If Happy When is a humorous, heart-warming musical about two artists and their five children who pursue a dream of moving to the country. Not only is this musical based on a true story, it was written and will be performed by the family who lived it.

About a Family. By a Family. For all Families.

The musical begins as this family of seven looks back on the series of events that changed their lives. Mom and Dad, though dreaming of rural life, are stuck in the city. The kids, wanting to move for their own reasons, decide to make it happen. Working through fear and frustration, the kids finally persuade Mom and Dad to buy a run-down farm on 96 acres, only to discover that the place has its own ideas of what it wants the family to be – farmers. When tensions flare, conflicts erupt, and one child (Eliza) runs away, the family learns how much they need one another in order to fulfill their dreams.

Happy If Happy When is a rousing response to the question: What does it take to be HAPPY NOW? It is about the dreams that evolve. It is about the earth that demands our care. It is about the love that draws us into and through the hardest and most rewarding moments of our lives.

Kimerer LaMothe (Book, Lyrics, Music) is the award-winning author of six books, a play, numerous articles, and over a hundred blog posts for Psychology Today. In everything she does, Kimerer is an advocate for dance. www.kimererlamothe.com.

Geoffrey Gee (Music, Arrangements), is a pianist and composer who premiered a solo piano concert of original music in Carnegie Hall/Weill Hall in December 2015. Geoffrey has released five CDs of original music, and has performed in 18 countries around the world. www.vitalartsmedia.com/play/html.

In addition to creating this musical, Kimerer and Geoffrey appear on stage as “Mom” and “Dad” alongside their five children, Jordan Geoffrey LaMothe (23) playing “Hank”; Jessica Kimerer Gee (21) as “Sarah”; Kyra Lewis Gee (17) as “Eliza”; Kai Evenson LaMothe (13) as “Joe,” and Leif LaMothe Gee (9) as “Ted.”

Happy If Happy When had its premiere in July 2017 at the Fort Salem Theater in Salem, New York, produced by artistic director Jay Kerr. In July 2018, the musical opened in New York City as part of the Planet Connections Theatre Festivity, and was nominated for two awards: Outstanding Music and Lyrics, and Outstanding Supporting Actress (Kyra Lewis Gee as Eliza). In September 2018, an abbreviated version of the musical was presented to producers at the premier theatre in Theatre Row, as part of the New York New Works Theatre Festival, founded by Gene Fisch, Jr.. There Ron first saw the show, and decided to produce it at the Frankel. Gene Fisch, Jr. will also serve as Executive Producer for the Frankel production.

"formidable in its expressive scope and power” -- WBTNAM.ORG
“performed with style, verve, and success” -- Glens Falls Chronicle

Happy If Happy When will be produced by RINA TEE PRODICTIONS, Ronald J. Meyers, President and CEO. Meyers, a keen student and emeritus professor of drama, is an author, playwright and member of the Dramatists Guild. He studied with notable critics and scholars including John Gassner, Eric Bentley, Bernard Grebanier, Maurice Valency, and Northrop Frye. In this new venture as producer, he aims to discover and offer thrilling, wise, and engaging theater, like Happy If Happy When. RINA TEE PRODUCTIONS is named for his late wife, life-partner and muse. This production is dedicated to Ron’s brother, DAVID G. MEYERS 1944-2012, PRODUCER EMERITUS.


The whole idea of a family performing a musical together was really inspired and in the end, just brilliant. You can really see and feel the bond that they all have with each other. The singing was honest and fascinating. . . The whole concept of the play was something quite genuine and creative. One might think that this is a vanity play with mediocre talent … nope. The acting, transcendent; the voices, marvelous. Even the two really young youngsters were exceptional. It’s quite unique to see such young talent on anything but a Broadway show, studio film or network TV. I’m dubious of musicals, but this one definitely made me reconsider my views and bring myself back for more. – Mia Moreta, https://words4musicblog.wordpress.com

The entire family/cast were exemplary and worked well off of each other – as well [they] should… We were offered catchy tunes – a throwback to the good old days of the American musical – sung well with some stunning harmonies. Kimerer LaMothe also showed herself to be a fine dancer. Happy If Happy When took an age-old art form and innovated it: A family musical for the whole family done by the family about the family so bring the family to see it! – Alexa Garcia, Outer Stage, Journal of independent stage and film reviews

For more information, please visit www.happyifhappywhen.com.

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