'The Red Bucket Follies' celebrates the 60th anniversary of 'Flower Drum Song'
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Bravo to ''The Red Bucket Follies'' for saluting the 60th anniversary of ''Flower Drum Song''!

They reunited the casts of the 1958 Broadway original show and first national tour, plus the 1961 movie and 2002 Broadway revival. It's especially timely in this year of the Hollywood hit ''Crazy Rich Asians'' to remember the terrifically gifted Asian-American pioneers who helped pave the way for ''the other generations'' to come. One of the loveliest highlights in this magical 10-minute medley is Jose Llana, Telly Leung and Alvin Ing (now in his 80s) doing a trio of ''You Are Beautiful.'' Sadly, the original Wang Ta, played by Hawaiian singer Ed Kenney, who first sang it, passed away only 2 months ago in Kauai at age 85.
I also was sad that other original cast members weren't there: Arabella Hong-Young (Helen, who sang ''Love, Look Away''); Patrick Adiarte (Wang San, who sang ''The Other Generation''), and Pat Suzuki (Linda Low, who sang ''I Enjoy Being a Girl''). Even if they couldn't do the number, it would've been wonderful to acknowledge them in the audience. Speaking of ''I Enjoy Being a Girl,'' almost ALL the lyrics were rewritten here, and I realize the point they're making (and how dated the original lines can be), but who did that? And while we're on the topic of authorship, how about announcing the names of the guys who wrote the 1958 musical: Richard Rodgers, Oscar Hammerstein II and Joseph Fields, based on C.Y. Lee's novel; plus, David Henry Hwang did the 2002 revisal.

Kudos to everyone involved in the ''Flower Drum Song'' salute; Asian-Americans rarely get showcased like this. ''And by me, that's only great.'' Hooray!
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