My look at Cole Porter and Moss Hart's JUBILEE
Posted by: showtunetrivia 01:13 pm EST 12/09/18

I've mentioned here that I'm working on a survey of the 1935-36 season. I also write science fiction and fantasy; yeah, weird combo. This fall, I was invited by Chris Garcia to write a piece for his Hugo Award-winning fanzine, the Drink Tank, which would be devoted to musicals. (The Hugo is like a Tony in the science fiction field.) So I cut down the JUBILEE chapter, deleted the footnotes and more scholarly apparatus.

The fanzine has a lot of other articles, mostly just folks expressing their love of musicals, but also a nice dad-daughter piece by a good friend of mine on introducing kids to musicals, some college-community theatre anecdotes, a Gilbert and Sullivan bit, and a look at staging an original musical at the science fiction World Convention (Worldcon--the annual gathering of the sf community: fans, writers, editors, publishers, gamers, costumers, etc-- and where the Hugos are awarded). There are a lot of mentions of Worldcon in the fanzine, also other words ending in -con, referring to local cons. The fanzine totals about 55 pages.

Anyway, here's the link for the curious.

Link Drink Tank: Musicals

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