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My suspicion is that the reviewer, having admitted that he "wouldn't buy the cast album," may not have heard any or most of the score before seeing this production.

Most of us, excepting perhaps musical savants lol, need a few times hearing a score before we can start to really "hum the tunes." You may know on first hearing that you like the music you hear, but the specifics of the tunes may not settle in one's brain until you've heard the songs a few times at least. But in this instant gratification and short attention span culture we're in, scores are often judged on their immediate impact. Which is unfortunate.

Chances are that if this reviewer had gone into the show already being quite familiar with the CD, he wouldn't have made the comment about it being "not exceptionally tuneful."

This is why we have so many jukebox shows. They are designed so that the audience can "hum the tunes" before they've even bought tickets, lol. But then we hear complaints that there are't enough newly-composed shows...but it boggles my mind how when we get those, they are so often immediately dismissed for being some degree of "tuneless."

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