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Posted by: ryhog 09:44 pm EST 12/09/18
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With all due respect, I think that's poppycock. If that were so, most original scores would be doomed to the dustbin. Most folks have not heard the score when they see an original-score show, and the jukebox score has more to do with marketing than anything else. Scores resonate immediately for most people because there is no second chance. "Tuneless" is a silly expression, as is this "humming on the way out" nonsense. The score did not resonate for the reviewer; no deep science needed to figure this out. And I doubt Pasek and Paul stay up nights fretting because some reviewer doesn't hear the tune in their songs. There are not enough newly composed shows, but when the ones we get are good, and folks like what they hear, they are not being dismissed. Problem is, there's a lot of musical mediocrity in what's being produced. Let's not get off track.

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