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Of course, it depends on the contracts for the Limited Liability Corporation for DEH. Generally, the (lead) producer shares in subsidiary rights with the writer(s) for a long period, maybe 40 years, longer than the typical LLC lasts today which is 18 years. In gathering investors, the (lead) producer may have shared some of his or her subsidiary rights moneys with the investors. Only if you read the LLC agreement---you can try to FIOA it from the NYC office of the State Attorney General at, it used to be, $0.25 a page---then you will know.

To elaborate, the lead producer is the general partner, with all authority over the production and all liability in excess of the investment. Generally, there is only one but if there are multiple general partners, one will be the lead to make decisions if the group of lead producers cannot agree on an action. The producers listed above the title other than the lead producer are mostly vanity listings, one more incentive to attract investors. For an elaboration of this point, only two Tony statuettes, should a production win, go to the producer(s) of the show. Other entitled individuals, such as the other investors listed as producers or associate producers, may purchase a statuette. The last time I read about this, one was priced at $2,500.

All of this is from our book, "Stage Money." https://www.amazon.com/Stage-Money-Business-Professional-Theater/dp/1570039070
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