Play That Goes Wrong - Question About Audience Prompts
Posted by: broadwayjoey 11:06 pm EST 12/11/18

Saw 'The Play That Goes Wrong' tonight in Chicago. It was exactly the silly funny farce that I hoped it would be.

Question though about the moment when the Inspector launches into a diatribe against the audience. It begins when he can't locate a prop he is supposed to find under his seat - which is actually right under the chaise he's sitting on. After an audience member yells out it's location he breaks the fourth wall in a rant about the audience which begins with the line 'this is not a game show'.

How does the production ensure that someone in the audience pipes in with the prop location at the right moment in the show? Is it a plant? A speaker under the seat? (I was seated near the audience member and it seemed like it actually came from them speaking. And they sat there the entire performance, didn't just pop in for that line.) And if it was in fact spontaneous, even if a likely occurance, how would the actor proceed if he did not get the suggestion from an audience member?

No major question here, just a curiosity... Any data points from other performances would be appreciated.

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