A quick recommendation for "Play by Play" for New Yorkers
Posted by: Leon_W 01:57 pm EST 12/13/18

I joined a few weeks back and I am really happy that I did, it has made a lovely difference to my life. You absolutely cannot talk about what you are offered but hopefully not against the rules to say I have seen three Broadway shows and an off Broadway in the last couple of weeks and already feel like I have gotten my one years membership value. They don't just have shows, they have concert tickets, NYC tours, comedy etc They currently have almost 100 offers available as of right now to give you an idea of the choice.

The first time I logged in I was a little disappointed because there was a LOT there but nothing jumping out at me as must sees for me and then they started to trickle in several times a day most days, things I would see out of curiosity and things I definitely wanted to see Sometimes I didn't get tickets because I was too slow but once you see a show there as "Sold Out" for comps it often pops up again and you can get tickets next time. I have been very lucky and all but once I have been on the second row of the Orchestra! This site will really suit New Yorkers that fancy doing something spur of the moment or that they might not have planned in the next few days and without spending more than a few dollars booking fee each time but not suitable for people that are only interested in all the biggest shows all the time.

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