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"Grand Hotel" was just done recently by Encores; even though it had a new staging, some of the numbers were very, very closely similar to the original Tommy Tune choreography like "We'll Take A Glass Together". "Fiorello" has been done twice by Encores -- it inaugurated their series years ago and was done again within the last 5 or so years.

"Contact" also hasn't been revived, but frankly, it featured canned music and despite winning the Tony, felt like a play with music (or a dance performance with dialogue).

I'd like to see "Redhead" revived, if only they could find someone to do justice to the lead role. Gwen Verdon years ago in an interview said that she had someone in mind who she thought could pull it of, but she never mentioned who it was. I wonder if she ever named that lady, and if that person would still capable of doing the role (or still look the part).

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