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No disputing any of that! There have also been several high profile productions of Merrily, including Encores, and two high profile NY stagings of The Secret Garden a few years back. And a lab of a proposed revival. But purely in terms of Broadway revivals, no dice on a lot of these yet. And for the record I don’t think many are viable for a commercial Broadway production, as also noted below re: Redhead. But it’s fun to dream.

I also think Contact gets an unfair beating. You describe it as being “canned” music, which is a word that I think purposefully evokes a negative feeling. Rather than “pre-recorded” or other synonyms. I just wonder about the alternatives. Were they to have a symphony orchestra for the classical parts, a swing band, and a rock and roll band? Sounds cost prohibitive to me. Also, dance is often performed to pre-recorded music. It’s not as if they did a Broadway musical and didn’t use a live orchestra. Susan Stroman, John Weidman, and certainly Lincoln Center have not shown any propensity to want to get rid of live music in the theatre. This was a unique piece. Sure, perhaps “best musical” is not the right award for it, but I think everyone did their best to include and honor this piece on the awards circuit. Can you imagine a Tony for “best dance performance with dialogue”? 😊 It was certainly the best thing I saw on my annual theatre trip that year. I am not sure I’d want to see a revival. It was so perfect. I feel the same way about The Full Monty.

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