I think I would have liked it more
Posted by: dramedy 08:57 am EST 12/29/18
In reply to: THE PROM is superb - lordofspeech 08:44 am EST 12/29/18

If it was a gay couple instead of lesbians. I just felt that every time we got the the lesbian story it stalled the show a bit. I think the two ladies did a great job but both are rather bland. If a gay couple was the center, the flamboyant out gay vs closeted gay would have been more colorful—and I mean that in personality and clothing. But maybe that is explored already in Zana don’t and other shows. The drab serious lesbian context worked better in the serious fun home than prom.

Yes I know that is blasphemous to state this so flame away. I’m in the Southern Hemisphere right now so won’t get too burned.

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