“A very very very dark matter” is bafflingly terrible
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I saw “A Very Very Very Dark Matter” today, Martin McDonagh is my favorite playwrite and “The Pillowman” is my favorite play so my hopes for this were reasonably high with it being touted as a kind of follow on play. It really is bafflingly terrible, it isn’t funny or thrilling or interesting and it often just doesn’t make any sense. The physical production at the Bridge Theater in London is beautiful and Jim Broadbent gives it his all but it was a bitter disappointment to me overall.

Brief story overview Spoilers

The basic story is that Hans Christian Anderson keeps a Pygmy lady in a box and forces her to write his stories. Then two time traveling dead men covered in blood return from the future to try to kill the Pygmy woman because she will kill them in the Congo in the future.

Ending Spoiler

Early on there is a scene where only Hans can see the bloody men in a room full of people but they can be shot and killed proving they are physical people from the future not somehow spirits or ghosts so why could no one else in the room see them?

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