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Posted by: Michael_Portantiere 11:50 am EST 12/29/18
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"The central character that Brooks A. plays seems like all the mincing prancing gay characters we saw in films in the 30's-60's. I thought this character cliche was dead."

First of all, the character is hugely exaggerated because this show is a very broadly humorous musical comedy. Most of the other characters, for example Beth Leavel's character, are similarly exaggerated (if not gay in that case). Also, in my opinion, there is no good reason why this "mincing, prancing" type of character should die, since there are people like that in real life (!) The only thing wrong with that type of character is when it's the ONLY kind of representation of a gay man that we see on stage, or if we see it too often.

"And I had no idea why Christopher Sieber or the big hopping Press Agent, or the blonde with long legs were doing in the show. "

I loved ALL of those characters, but also, to answer your question, they are there because one of the central jokes of the show is that a small army of social justice warrior theater people head to that small town to protest the cancellation of the prom in order to prevent the lesbians from attending. THE PROM wouldn't be nearly as funny if only one or two New York theater people traveled to Indiana for that purpose.

"I'd love to see Brooks and Chris Sieber in roles that require them to stretch a bit into new territory, rather than relying on basically the same stuff they did in the last show. NEVER hire someone because you want them to do what they have done before - that kills your show.

Sieber's last three Broadway roles were Georges in LA CAGE, Miss Trunchbull in MATILDA, and Charlemagne in PIPPIN, so I'd be interested if you could explain why you feel he's doing in THE PROM is "basically the same stuff" as he did in those shows.

"Unless it's a star who we come to see do their shtick. And in that case you have to be at the Nathan Lane or Carl Channing or Bette Midler or Ethel Merman or Hugh Jackman to get away with that."

I don't think this only applies to mega-stars with famous "shtick." Even among non-megastars, actors don't ALWAYS have to stretch in each new role, and smart producers realize that audiences want to see popular actors do what they are acknowledged for doing so well, so I think your whole premise here is flawed.

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