A semi-Apology about the score for REDHEAD...
Posted by: bmc 06:10 pm EST 12/30/18

A while back I mentioned(A apropos about what I forget) that I wasn't crazy about the REDHEAD score; I lost my CD(And turntable is broken) so I ordered a CD and have given it several listens, and the other posters were right-It was a much better score than I remembered. But FDS is a childhood favorite, so if I had been a Tony voter I would have voted for that-I also prefer JUNO and GOLDILOCKS scores, (GYPSY was in the next year Tony bracket),,,,,,,Never having read the book, I felt the character of Essie(the Verdon part) was hard to get a handle on. Obviously a show that was so 'designed ' on Miss Verdon, that it would need an singer/dancer/actress of equal star power to do a revival successfully but imaging an LP with Chita Rivera, or Elizabeth Seal in the part I still feel the character isn't on the page. Also altho it's set in Edward England, you wouldn't guess that from the famous album cover. Did other posters see the show, or was it published in book/lyrics random housed edition.?.... So back to my semi aplology, and wasn't Richard Kiley a wonderful singer ? I remember with great fondness my three trips to see HER FIRST ROMAN; after one matinee, I Brought along the MAN OF LA MANCHA LP which he kindly autographed for me. Now it's off to the grocery store.

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