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I enjoy the recording of "Redhead" very much, but I believe a lot of the show's success was due to the Tony-winning performances of Gwen Verdon, Richard Kiley and Leonard Stone, all of whom sound as though they are giving wonderful characterizations on the recording. But more than that, Verdon insisted on giving Bob Fosse his first directing credit (prior he had only done choreography) on Broadway when she signed on for the show, and it's apparently one of the most dance-heavy for a leading lady, which showed off all kinds of stylistic dance versatility and endurance for Verdon and the dance ensemble through Fosse's choreography. Plus she's got to act, sing and be extremely charming in the songs and book scenes. It's considered a lot harder to cast than the later also-demanding role of "Sweet Charity". Someone like Sandy Duncan would probably have been terrific in the role as well.

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