Hnath's Hillary and Clinton
Posted by: pookndale 02:47 pm EST 12/31/18

I saw the script on Amazon for $80 from 2 different vendors, so I ordered from DPS for $9. Did not know this was in print. Print v stage is challenging. I remember briefly leafing through The Columnist (the day we were going to see it) at Drama Book Shop, thinking, boy, this is going to be good. Bored out of my mind in the theater. When I read The Columnist, I found it compelling. If I hadn't read The Ferryman in advance, I don't think I would have understood what was going on. My wife was clueless. She understood almost nothing said by the kids, missed 25% of what was said by the adults, and didn't know anything about the IRA or banshee mythology. Ink kindle is $10. Enjoyed it on the page. Unsure how Americans (ignorant of the UK press) will respond to this on its' feet.

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