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I've never understood why so many people seem to hate (or ridicule) the score of Adriana. Despite NewtonUK's comments above, I don't think that "Io son l'umile ancella" has anything at all to do with "Vissi d'arte," and I don't find that the melody is overused as a motif - in fact, the opera contains a number of musical motifs that are probably used no more or less than most operas with repeated themes. It's a very tuneful score with a good balance of light and dark, and, hearing the performance over Sirius last night, I though it was ultimately a nice choice for New Year's Eve - though it ends tragically, it has a lot of fun in it as well. Rachvelishvili was stunning. (Some people on another site were asking when the Met might do Gioconda for these 2 ladies, lol.) I also really enjoyed hearing Michonnet as sung by Ambroggio Maestri. I agree that Bezcala sounded quite good on the air, and Noseda's touch was perfect for the feel of the score. All in all, a nice evening of music making. Having not seen the production yet (I'm hoping to catch the encore showing of the HD in a few weeks), I can't judge the look of it at all, but I really enjoyed the broadcast.

I do agree that Netrebko got started strangely at the top of the aria, but definitely improved over the course of the night. I think that all in all this is a good role for her.

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