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We're all talking around the same thing, which is fine, but I would say that ultimately this show is NOT a musical about children. It is, in the hands of Simon and Norman, a musical about Archibald. The source is much more about the children in general - including Dickon (who should be 12, but not in the musical he isn't) and Martha (age not specified, but she's probably also really supposed to be a teenager), and the Archie/Lily story is more secondary.

Certainly one of the major plot points in the musical is Mary's growth and change (and likewise Colin's, but less so than in the book), but the true focus of the musical is about heartbroken Archie. The climax of the book is Archie reuniting with his healed son. The climax of the musical is Archie (finally) trying to heal and come to terms with Lily's death. (Colin is also mentioned in that duet, but the main focus is on Lily trying to help Archie to move on.)

Don't get me wrong - I love the musical. But it's Archie's story, not Mary's or Colin's.

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