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Posted by: Jax 02:39 pm EST 01/03/19
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What do you base your comment on, Sunset Boulevard? But Dunaway was fired from that by AL Webber and got a financial settlement. She did not walk off. And she does not have a history of walking off projects. She does have a history of winning awards, including an Oscar, for such films as Network, Bonnie and Clyde, Chinatown and Barfly. She also has a history of doing fine stage work, including Master Class, Circe and Bravo in London (saw those so I can vouch for them) and her debut in Hogan's Goat. She won an Emmy and a Golden Globe for her TV work. So where's the "legend" of her not showing up for "the first paid public performance?" Or is it really just a bit of overheated, misogynistic snark compounded out of too many viewings of Mommy Dearest and some personal distaste you might have for the way this great, yep, I'd say she's great, actress carries herself?

She's in her mid 70s and she's trying to do something far more challenging than Jane Fonda's woeful Netflix sitcom. I say she deserves our support.

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