re: Oy vey!
Posted by: ryhog 03:36 pm EST 01/03/19
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May I respectfully submit a request? Could you please resist lashing out at me in ways you could not possibly support? Here is what I know. 1. She is a great actress. (I can't imagine anyone disagreeing, although that does not mean I can't think she is bad casting for this.) 2. I am not overheated. (In fact, it's pretty damn cold here.) 3. I am not misogynistic. (No one who knows me would ever say that.) 4. I can be snarky. Guilty as charged. 5. I never suggested she "walked off" of anything. 6. My point, and sorry if you misapprehended it, is that this production (seemingly spearheaded by males (see #3)) is not terribly likely to get its act together so it can have a first paid public performance. There are many reasons for that.

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