Waverly, Choir Boy, Ferryman and a question
Posted by: MikeP (ACL15@aol.com) 04:05 pm EST 01/03/19

Great to see a healthy season of quality drama on Broadway. New plays, not just revivals or limited/star driven vehicles.

Choir Boy-while I don't think it covers new ground on the topic of homophobia, this is an excellent play. Beautiful structure and superb acting. This is especially true of J. Quinton Johnson and a Tony worthy performance by Jeremy Pope.

The Waverly Gallery is heartbreaking, funny and truthful (especially if you have ever dealt with Alzheimer's or Dementia) play. I had some issues with the direction and design. The "interlude" scene changes too frequent and too long. The projections did nothing to move the action along. The scenes at the kitchen table and not well staged. Too much face time is lost! Also, the lighting was frequently too dark. The acting is a world class lesson to be savored. Lucas Hedges is great and a natural on stage. You actually feel the affection he has for his grandmother. Joan Allen is the quintessential example of understatement and naturalism. Elaine May is perfection. She lives this character. She doesn't miss an opportunity to make you laugh or cry and she does both. She is funny, real and heartbreaking. This is a must see for the acting alone.

The Ferryman is a gorgeous, funny, brilliant, beautiful, riveting theatrical experience. Every actor is perfect. This is THE play to see. Don't miss it.

My question is, with 30 actors how does this show make money or even break even ?!?!

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