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Wow. Thank you all.
I guess these responses clarify who started out singing NOT A DAY GOES BY.
I guess I saw a very early preview, if not the first....because I saw Beth sing it.
Beth singing it was heart-wrenching.
I guess I don’t think Frank needs character development; at least he doesn’t need that song. His story (told forward) is about an idealistic innocent jettisoning the ideals and the people he once held dear. In that sense, it works for me that Charlie and Beth have the emotional breakdowns. Frank is, like Benjamin Stone (and perhaps Sweeney Todd, too) a study in calcification of what was once a human being into a worshipper of power over others.
If the story were told forward, it would be too too grim. But, in backwards time, we go from dark to light.
Beth should sing it. We need to feel the cost of Frank’s destroying people.
It’s a play about a monster who started with ambition.
Is ambition necessarily evil?
Unfortunately, in every version, Mary stays too on the periphery. Trying to emphasize her tragedy by inserting her singing “Not a Day Goes By” doesn’t work. It might be better if she had a crush on Beth, so that the dissolution of the marriage would impact her. Maybe.

The t-shirts were not a good idea. You couldn’t really read them and they undermined any power the narrative might have had.

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