A few thoughts on a few shows from last week
Posted by: Shutterbug 09:52 am EST 01/05/19

Nassim - What a sweet little show at City Center Stage II. Very simple in concept and execution, the show demonstrates the power language has to unite us in what’s most basic and important in our lives. The night I saw it, the guest actor was Will Brill. He was charming and adorable. The audience seemed to love it, and I found myself surprisingly moved.

Sandra Bernhard “Quick Sand” at Joe’s Pub - I adore Sandra, and this new set did not disappoint. She was in fine form. She opened the set with Promises, Promises - and it just got better from there. Sandra is so smart and funny. Her observations are so sharp and specific. She has the unique ability to be doing satire and homage simultaneously; convey irony and earnestness; cynicism and hope. Sandra is a woman of generous and unique gifts as an actor, comedian, singer, and writer.

Fabulation - Even lesser Lynn Nottage is better than a lot of other stuff out there. While not her best work, certainly an enjoyable evening at the theater. In this story, a woman is forced by circumstance to return to her family home in order to rediscover who she is and find a potential path toward happiness. Funny and entertaining throughout.

Sleep No More - This was my very first time seeing it. It was fun and visually interesting but didn’t add up to much in the end. Style over substance. The sense of “audience member as voyeur” is heightened in this immersive production, certainly the gold standard for this type of show. I had a hard time seeing the connection to Macbeth, except in some of the most obvious visual imagery. The audience was a bit off putting, as well. I was surprised by the amount of shoving and pushing to run past each other and get to the next “moment.” I was more interested in taking it slowly, absorbing the atmosphere and taking in the environments created by the design team. I will say that after nearly three hours of climbing up and down stairs, following actors through hallways, and negotiating rude audience members - I was thoroughly exhausted and wondering if it was all worth it.

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