We got great last minute seats to Network and I have to say this is the best show I've seen this year!
Posted by: PurpleMoney 01:49 pm EST 01/05/19

It is the first show I've seen so there's always tomorrow.

I really enjoyed the evening. I was hoping to see Once On This Island before it closes but when I got to the box-office they said they were sold out except for premium seats. I imagined in my head that probably all the seats were not premium seats. Can anyone confirm that. I was told if I arrive early before the box office opened on Saturday they would have limited standing room for $79.95. So I was all set to just have dinner before heading back home when I remember I have a ticket app and sometimes premium seats are marked down 50% to 75% a few hours before show time. No luck for Once On This Island but was surprised Network popped up and was I in luck snagged two seats in row D off the aisle in the mezz. Not an obstructed view at all. Although be warned there are many obstructed views due to the nature of the show but they provide solutions that will not disappoint.

I don't remember the film expect for "I'm mad as hell, and I'm not going to take this anymore". I should have practiced that before the show and if you are fortunate enough to see Bryan Cranston and company, you will know why.

Ivo does an amazing job directing this one. Some say he's using tricks and concepts he's done before, but I don't have a history with him other than The Crucible and View From A Bridge. Has he done this video tsunami before? I'd be so interested in his past production now that I've seen this masterful piece. Oh God, what will he do with West Side Story! The golden age of television. Will Maria and Tony appear on a game show?

It is his sheer inventiveness that you will love or hate. I mostly loved it but hated the staging of the final scene as I felt cheated. Not the final speech but before that. Some would say it was an amazing piece of stagecraft, but it left me cold.

Would I see this again? I'm someone who goest to shows dozens of times. I in the short rounds of the recent Groundhog Day I was there 5 times. I saw the original Once On This Island 16 times. I can't say I'd repeat visit Network, but it was an amazing night and Ivo made the impossible work.

PS: Why are we seeing those images at the end? Is it only to ridicule the final dud? I could have done without that.

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