Why don't I want to see TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD?
Posted by: Teacher64 06:51 pm EST 01/07/19

It is one of my all time favorite books. One of my all time favorite movies. Yet, I have no interest in seeing the Broadway production. I did some thinking about it this past weekend as I walked by the Shubert Theater. I think what really turns me off is I don't like the idea of adult actors playing Scout, Jem, and Dill. I think it is different with HARRY POTTER because the actors are young (in their early to mid twenties) and they are playing roles that are about 14 to 17. But the children characters in TKAMB are much younger; Jem is supposed to be about 11 or 12, and Scout and Dill are supposed to be in single digits. I think the story loses a part of its essence if these roles are not played by children. And I don't buy for one second the claim that there are not enough good child actors who could play these roles; have the TKAMB team not seen FUN HOME, MATILDA, BILLY ELLIOT, GREY GARDENS, A CHRISTMAS STORY, THE MEMBER OF THE WEDDING, LOST IN YONKERS?? All of those shows have demanding roles for children that were played by children/

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