re: The Waverly Gallery
Posted by: stagejunkie 11:44 pm EST 01/09/19
In reply to: The Waverly Gallery - jjhbb340 08:55 pm EST 01/09/19

Total agreement. Cannot believe the AMAZING performances I’ve seen in just these past 2 days. Saw “Waverly” last night (and was glad I brought Kleenex); Bryan Cranston’s jaw dropping work in “Network” this afternoon; and just back from this evening’s “Ferryman”. (Was not prepared for the final minutes).

Though I’m in town thru Sunday with 4 more shows on deck, 3 are simply guilty pleasures but am very much looking forward to the performances in Sunday’s “Mockingbird”...the final hurrah for this trip.

And already deep into planning my 9-day early May trip...with 12 shows booked; 2 slots remain.

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