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Posted by: casbahqueen 11:44 pm EST 01/09/19
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Just got home from this stunning production. Have loved McRaney's work but was particularly taken with this production: beautifully written, acted, and directed. I've seen a rash of what might be classified as issues plays in the past 18 months: Pass Over, Sweat, Porto, Sugar in Our Wounds, Thanksgiving Play, He Brought Her Heart Back in a Box and while I am interested in seeing new work that grapples with the horrors of racial, sexual, gendered, and/or structural oppression and violence, so much of what I saw above felt ham-fisted and inelegant. But McRaney's work soars for me. He shows, not tells and his lyrical dialogue has purpose and is grounded in character--all of the inequities and horrors of the world are present in his plays, they are just not explicitly voiced as they might be by a weaker playwright. I was surprised Choir Boy didn't get glowing reviews (they were good, but not ecstatic). I plan to go back again as the show packed a wallop for me.

Thank you for the mention of TONGUES UNTIED. I wasn't familiar so did some googling and turns out this is the 30 year anniversary and BAM is screening it next month. Buying my tickets for it now!
Link Tongues Untied @ BAM 2/6

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