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Spoilers below I guess...

I left a little disappointed -- by the PLAY, not by the actors. Joan Allen is a national treasure. What she did to create a multi dimensional character with the tepid script was really wonderful. I was pleased to see Elaine May once in my life live and in person also, but the upshot of her portrayal was a pretty much one note performance for me, although wonderful. I kept waiting for her to get something to chew her teeth into with the situation as it was set up, but instead the play is a big cop out, playing it safe and nice in a Hallmarky unintimidating sort of way. Anyone who has been through this sort of passage of life in their family (and I have) knows that the real fireworks and complications start when the parent moves into the home of the child. Then there is no way out. We get to that point in this play and it's "oops out of time, folks, sorry we gotta go." What a cop out. I wanted to see how these people really deal with the big crisis, even one scene's worth of conflict, not a two minute summing up narration about all the most interesting stuff that happens offstage.

Ultimately I didn't think it was a worthwhile expenditure of over a hundred dollars for a seat to this in my cash strapped life, no matter how delightful hearing Elaine May say "Bop me on the head" (twice!!) was.

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