Sunset Boulvard film? Noooo!
Posted by: peter3053 04:09 pm EST 01/10/19

Surely someone associated with the project must have realized the songs are all "stage waits". They make no dramatic difference. For example, "With One Look" finishes, then she says "Now get out!' and then the story continues; "As if We've Never Said Goodbye" again exists in its own little pool of emotion, but we already knew she wanted to come back with a passion because all of her action prior to that has pursued the goal.

The danger is the songs, which a great stage performance can only just get away with, will paralyze the forward motion needed in a motion picture.

And surely, too, someone must have noticed that "With One Look" contains the single most inept line in a modern musical theatre song:

"With one look
I play ev'ry part!"

Out of her own mouth Norma condemns her talent; she's saying, not even that she can run the emotional gamut from A to B (as the old joke goes); she's saying she only uses "A".

Only one look? Only one? Really?? I thought she was making the point that their faces articulated everything such that words were unnecessary.

The music, separated from the lyrics, is actually wonderful. It would make a great film score, in the manner of, say, Franz Waxman, for a non-musical film about a silent star's comeback...something like, oh, I don't know, "Sunset Boulevard" directed by Billy Wilder in 1950.

Take out the songs and you've got a great picture.

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