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Posted by: Michael_Portantiere 04:20 pm EST 01/10/19
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"Surely someone associated with the project must have realized the songs are all 'stage waits'. They make no dramatic difference. For example, 'With One Look' finishes, then she says 'Now get out!' and then the story continues; 'As if We've Never Said Goodbye' again exists in its own little pool of emotion, but we already knew she wanted to come back with a passion because all of her action prior to that has pursued the goal."

I am no fan of SUNSET BOULEVARD the musical, and I completely agree with you about the quality of the lyrics overall, but come now! The reason you give as to why a movie of the musical wouldn't work applies to hundreds of songs from lots of film musicals that are regarded as classics, including all film musicals adapted from stage shows. A very large percentage of songs in musicals are "stage waits" in that they make "no dramatic difference." But, of course, not every song needs to make a dramatic difference. Lots of songs are there just to deepen characterizations and/or allow the expression of an emotion, or for other reasons. Do you think "The Jet Song," "Tonight," "Maria," etc. should be cut from WEST SIDE STORY because they make no dramatic difference?

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