But that's exactly the sort of thing that happens...
Posted by: peter3053 10:44 pm EST 01/10/19
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...somebody "putting a gun to my head and forcing me to see" a bad movie version of a musical.

I don't know how to explain it, it's a weird phenomenon. When it was Sweeney Todd (without half of its score or Len Cariou), a man appeared at my door and forced me to go and see it, holding a razor to my head.

With La La Land, a man appeared at my door with an entire traffic jam. We were so late, we missed the movie but STILL saw the opening number.

Before that, with Phantom of the Opera, it was a horse...which disappeared and was never seen again.

It drives me nuts. It always happens, only with bad movie musicals.

When The Greatest Showman started at the cinema, there was a man with a whip and a tightrope. I told him the tightrope should have been for Michael Crawford; he didn't take it nicely - he was Jim Dale!

When it was Nine, there was a girl in a leotard.

Beauty and The Beast? A talking teapot.

Help me, doctor, before I have to sit through Sunset Boulevard The Musical Movie - I'm frightened to go to my door and find a singing German butler in a chauffeur uniform; I've always been afraid of singing German butlers like that.

(Written very tongue-in-cheek)

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