Thanks for encouraging me to get the RENT Broadway taping
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So RENT is a very special show for me so some warning that I will gush and pontificate ridiculously here. I saw it countless times when it first came to London, probably every couple of weeks over the run and on tours and in Chicago and Broadway etc. I have loads of stores about the camaraderie that grew up spotting other regular people that you recognized each time. Then I moved on once it closed everywhere and still loved it but my obsession faded a little like they usually do in us all. Watching RENT Live this week was like seeing your favorite dog but now old and limping around and almost forgetting what it was like as happy young puppy that liked to run around and chase the ball. I think I didn’t buy the Broadway taping before because I didn’t want to miss it so much, like looking at old photos of a relationship but I just watched it now and I am overcome with happiness. It’s funny how much I could remember all the direction for every scene and know what the other characters were doing even if they were not on camera. What a great great cast this was and the taping was insanely well done.

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