What would Nancy Walker have been planning to bring to Broadway around 1985?
Posted by: portenopete 05:50 pm EST 02/02/19

I recently saw an interview from a show Gary Collins hosted and it was dated 1984. It was a "Where Are They Now?" type of piece featuring the cast of RHODA (which had only been off the air for five years or so!).

Valerie Harper announced (for the first time, she said) that she'd be playing a mother in a new sitcom (presumably this was VALERIE, which didn't debut until 1986).

Julie Kavner said she'd been doing "theatre in Canada" (meaning dinner theatre) and was excited about being cast in an unnamed Woody Allen film (which would later be titled HANNAH AND HER SISTERS). (Imagine how excited she'd have been if they'd told her she'd be worth $100,000,000 in 2018!)

Nancy Walker said she'd be back on Broadway soon, but she never made it.

Does anyone know what that project might have been?

Was she ever considered to play Kate Jerome in BROADWAY BOUND?

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