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I worked with John McGlinn during much of his most fertile period, but not on the Cole Porter overtures CD. I went back to my journals from this period to answer your question. This was a fairly early album in McGlinn's cannon, and the materials from Secaucus were FAR from completely cataloged. Based on recording date and my now a bit feeble memory, we had only a modest idea of what was and what was not in there. Since that period materials from other sources have helped flesh out serious holes, but that was then, now is now.

I've not been closely in touch with the Messieurs Krasker and Chaffin, so I don't know what they had or did not have when starting the project. From my copy of the index of the finally completely cataloged Secacus materials, Something for the Boys was hit or miss, some stuff to help understand the shape and sound of the show, but no where near enough to reconstruct without a very imaginative project co ordinator.

Now, this gets sketchy, because as I said above, I was no where near the overtures recording, but John was known to reconstruct overtures for shows from the extant material at hand, imagining what Spialek (God how I wish I had gotten to meet him. I wanted to but could not get anyone I knew to make the introduction) might have done based on the orchestrations they did have. That's why he might have credited Spialek and Walter Paul (I don't really know who he was in relation to other orchestrators of the period). I know for sure that the overture for 50 Million Frenchman was a recreation, both on the overtures CD and the recording of the whole show (New World Records).

I hope this gives you some clarification that you were looking for. I hope I haven't made my role in all this seem more important than it was. I did a lot of cataloging, identifying and general scut work, but that got me a birds eye view of McGlinn and his company of people at work. Feel free to contact me for more detailed discussions.

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