Bad line readings captured on OCRs
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I've been listening to the OCR of "Li'l Abner" and one really questionable line reading is by the actress playing Scarlett in 'Jubilation T. Cornpone" At one pont at the beginning of the song, she says "Was he brave?" prompting Stubby Kaye's Marrying Sam to sing the eponymous song. However, her reading comes off as less a question to him and something of a weak declaration like "Was he brave!?" which Kaye, of course, recovers in his reading of "Brave?" and then triumphs over the rest of the song. I can imagine the actress did it better in performance; it's just a weird line reading that got captured on the OCR.

Others you can think of? There's Stephen Sondheim's "You ain't gettin' 88 cents out of me Rose", in "Some People" in "Gypsy" though, of course, apparently the producers were too cheap to hire the actor from the show to attend the recording session for one line. It's not a particularly bad reading, but probably less effective than the actor would have done.

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