re: Tony Awards at the Met Opera?
Posted by: tealady 09:01 am EST 02/03/19
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ABT is dark on Sunday's

in the old days pre-Radio City the Tonys would be hosted at a active broadway show theater,

why, because they had the lighting package hanging,
they would movie in Saturday after the host show came down,
load in overnight,
do the dress tech all day long.
the shows performing would be bused up from their theater to perform.
how do I know all this,
I worked the Tony's 3 times in the the 90's
it was a magical time. (seeing Liza and Chita Backstage at the URIS hugging each other getting ready to go out)

That being said it would be easy for the Met Opera to host on a Sunday....
with the 2 side stages...
the full rear revolve stage...
the under "lift" stage
the Met is ready to go for the HD broadcast that are done 10 times a year
the building is wried for the TV broadcast.

with the huge basement "C" level, all the broadway shows could hang out
ABT has a full sprung dance floor set up on C level, the dance shows could use it to warm up on
the Ballet Studio has a full sprung dance floor also on C level
the Met has a full employee cafeteria for food service for the Tony's

Soon the Met will take a mid season break in February extending into May,

miss T

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