Frozen's "Hygge" .....
Posted by: jdm 10:44 am EST 02/03/19

Saw Frozen yesterday. Could Hygge be one of the worst musical numbers in history? I sat there STUNNED while it was going on. STUNNED! At 63 and 50+ years of Broadway musicals, it is right up there. What was anyone thinking?? Body stockings coming out of the sauna? Please. Overall, extremely disappointed in this show. Very padded with songs not up to the movie's, and it seemed interminable. It was over at 4:15, but when I looked at my watch I thought it would have been 5. I was particularly disappointed in the choreography, certainly missteps from Rob Ashford who did Millie, How to Succeed, Promises, Promises. I think the show would have been more successful as a 1 hr spectacular at the Disney parks. But it will probably run for years.


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