Carmelina, Musicals in Mufti
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Very audience-friendly theatre and show.
As much as I wanted to love it, the show (i.e., the story) has too many conflicting themes. And the heroine’s a strange/unworkable combination of victim, manipulator, siren, and shame-ridden Catholic.
The actors are all fine. And the book for this production has been reworked many times. It hasn’t the ebullience of MAMMA MIA, which it resembles in plot, nor enough authentic European flavor. There’s something about the Italian attitude toward sex and sexuality that doesn’t translate into musical comedy as breezily or effectively as British and Gallic traditions do.
How are we to feel that this woman was left with child in the wake of American GIs’ takeover of her country? The matter, though lightheartedly interpreted here, calls for a little more depth. But such depth might sink the show.
And what must dark, savagely passionate Georgia Brown have been like?
Maybe it should’ve been a piece for Brecht.
A curio. And what to make of the leading man (charmingly played) who has waited for 17 years to bed the love of his life? Leaves me curious.
And the lovely song about age, referring to one more walk around the garden, deserves its reputation.

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