re: Frozen's "Hygge" .....
Posted by: Michael_Portantiere 12:14 am EST 02/04/19
In reply to: Frozen's "Hygge" ..... - jdm 10:44 am EST 02/03/19

"Saw Frozen yesterday. Could Hygge be one of the worst musical numbers in history? I sat there STUNNED while it was going on. STUNNED! At 63 and 50+ years of Broadway musicals, it is right up there. "

I also was aghast at the number, but I've only been seeing Broadway musicals for 49 years, so you're more of an authority than me :-)

"What was anyone thinking??"

I find it impossible to even speculate on the answer to that question, and I'm amazed that the number hasn't been cut from the show entirely. Word is that the kiddies are not reacting well to the cast in body stockings, which looks tremendously creepy and is probably even more disturbing to the kids than if the performers were actually nude.

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